Different Ways To Permanently Style Tresses

The advance in technology has not only made one’s life easier but it also helps one to change their personal looks. For instance cosmetic surgery helps one to change any shape of their body which they don’t like. Similarly technology has also helped one to change their hair type. For example if one is born with curly locks with the help of technology they can straighten it. There are different ways in which one can permanently style their locks some of them have been mentioned below.

Get smoother hair

As mentioned above if one has curly locks they can permanently straighten it and this process is called rebonding. This is a process of 3-4 hours where with the use of hair softener creams and styling tools one straightens it. One needs to be careful after this treatment. Most of the stylists recommend in not wetting the tresses for at least 3 days. During this period one shouldn’t tie their locks. Also after the period of 3 days one should condition their locks very well as the procedure can make it very dry. Although most people prefer straight hair look, this treatment can damage their tresses in long run. Also after every 6 months one will have to straighten their roots because there will be new growth. As this treatment is damaging, salons have come up with less damaging options such as keratin. This is a protein treatment which tames the hair and makes it smoother. However, if one wants straight tresses for an event but doesn’t want to go for any of these treatments then they could wear straight lace front wigs from Australia. This will save their tresses from being damaged due to all the chemicals used in the treatment.

Treatment to hair look longer

Salons offer various treatments which promises one’s tresses to grow longer. Some of them are deep oil conditioning treatment where they massage one’s hair with oil and then wash and condition it. One could do the same treatment at home by heating the oil and massaging it for about 15-20 minutes. They also have solutions to people who want their hair to look longer faster. One such treatment is clip in hair extensions in Sydney. This is a process of clipping fake hair into natural one. Most celebrities go for this and it doesn’t look artificial as the extensions are tailored to their tresses type. However, due to this one would face other issues such as hair loss. According to research one needs to go to the best stylist to get it done safely without damaging their natural locks. Also this treatment is more expensive compared to the one mentioned above.Although these treatments makes one’s life easier, it’s always better to avoid chemicals as it is bad for the tresses in long run.

Author: Bella Fantin